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mamina to 3, surge tech student, coffee enthusiast, extreme napper, music lover, gym rat, reformed feral human

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She was the only human I met that actually made me want to be better.

A typical day for me usually involves school or work, gym 6-7 days a week, studying, kids, and a lot of meal prep.

I find blood and guts and the human body endlessly amazing.

I was totally like deer in the headlights when she asked me.

But the biggest difference between then and now (besides many years) is that I have learned to finally love and respect myself.

They have been so incredibly supportive.

Body image and more specifically body dysmorphia is something I’ve struggled with for years.

I just like to express myself through the tattoos that I get.

I don’t think I can find one thing I love about the dating process.

Dating requires talking, and texting, and apparently actually meeting in person.

My rock. My ex husband. My children’s father. My dear friend. My brother. My emergency contact. My family.

I most definitely prefer arm day any day over leg day.

My struggles with food are numerous and have been for years.

I did what I set out to do which was basically walk out on stage in minimal clothing and be judged completely on how my body looks which was a huge fear of mine.

Everything tough and uncomfortable about this process, was totally worth it just having them there.

Even though the hospital was in such turmoil and so completely depressing at times, I was so grateful I was able to wake up every morning, go to work, be a part of a team, and feel useful and have a purpose (during covid).

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