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Abby: mama, eternal optimist, questionable speller, insane multitasker, entrepreneur, real-estate broker, Brooklyn lover to the core

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I wanted something I loved, something I was passionate about.

I try to find balance on their days off.

I am in my car more than I am anywhere else.

Divorce hasn’t changed the fact that we are still a family.

I was sure that I was never going to share my home with someone else ever again.

You’re never not worried.

I did not quit.

I’m fortunate to make the dining table my office and spend the afternoon with them.

Spreading the word about the property is key!

Seeing Nick behind the counter is a highlight every morning.

She’s the queen of unsolicited advice, lol.

I think work is the only place you will get my dads undivided attention.

But as the months drag on, people I know getting sick, some have passed away - this sh*t just seems so heavy and I’m over it.

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