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The Women's Series

By documenting the lives of these 11 women for one year, I hope to shed light on all the things women do, not only for themselves, but for their kids, partners, exes, bosses and friends that often goes unseen - even by the women themselves. Through this project, I’ve found we all relate to what’s going on in the lives of others, no matter how different we might think we are from each other. Women often feel alone in their circumstances, yet these women reveal how much we share in our experiences of happiness, sadness, excitement or even boredom. No matter how difficult life gets, it’s our willingness to see each other that truly connects us. 


Abby- mama, eternal optimist, questionable speller, insane multitasker, entrepreneur, real-estate broker, Brooklyn lover to the core. 


Amanda-  mom, friend, daughter, hotelier and grace under fire.


Amy- novelist, mom of two, championship napper.


Donna- mom, boss, entrepreneur, go-getter, kind, and bitch with a huge heart!


Jannell- artist, curator, designer, mother and friend. 


Jen- singer-songwriter, bandleader, mom of 2 daughters, vintage shopper, occult enthusiast and former catholic school girl. 


Laurel- doctor, mother, music enthusiast, runner/swimmer, environmentalist and cat lady.


Meg- designer, doting and impatient mother, small business owner, planner, attentive friend and neighbor


Priya- Indian, born and raised in Kenya, mother of 3, Architect, Reiki Healer, Spiritual Warrior, Design freak, World traveler.

Shannon- feminist, babycatcher, funny, and mom.

Stacey- mamina to 3, surge tech student, coffee enthusiast, extreme napper, music lover, gym rat, reformed feral human.

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