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mom, boss, entrepreneur, go-getter, kind, and bitch with a huge heart

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I can find another job, but I can’t get those memories back.

Some days I feel like I’m not grateful, but I am a lucky girl.

I moved to a much smaller place, but I’m happy.

They are my world!

He’s having a hard time now.

They increased his medication, not sure it’s working.

I handle everything 100%.

I was feeling nervous at first.

When they told me the surgery was delayed I wanted to cancel.

Myself and my oldest son suffer from mental illness.

I think the depression is genetic and I worry that my other boys will have it too.

I don't see how I'm coming back from this. I've lost 80% of my clients, and I can't get another job because my youngest is homeschooling most of the time.

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