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doctor, mother, music enthusiast, runner/swimmer, environmentalist and cat lady

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I like being able to make people feel better.

"Check Out" is fun because it's so different from my day job.

I'm worried about what my mom is going to think.


All of my doctor friends have at least one story of being sued.

I love being outside.

But I do both.

I have also struggled with feelings of resentment and being overwhelmed.

This was the first time doing the Brooklyn 1/2.

She jumped up, hugged me, and said I was the best mom ever.

I ended up with 10 super excited girls!

Sabina was so excited for camp.

It takes a lot of concentration.

The problem is, because I'm pretty impatient, I am not the greatest teacher.

While I chose not to live apart from my husband and kids, I have been meticulous about shedding my work skin as soon as I get home--clogs outside, wash hands, pour big glass of wine, head for shower...

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