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Indian, born and raised in Kenya, mother of 3, Architect, Reiki Healer, Spiritual Warrior, Design freak, World traveler

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We had to get legit fast .

It’s both exciting and tedious at the same time.

I love the light in our studio.

It really did feel like we brought an elegant supper club vibe to Bushwick.

The FEAR set in along with the excitement.

Thank the gods for my daughter who edited the entire video in her not so much free time.

My oldest - my step son is back from college- he had a hard time.

She definitely tests my patience every now and again.

It was a very bonding experience practicing Reiki with one of my Reiki masters.

I love the look and excitement my kids feel when they see me there...

I wish he had given me a hug and said you made it.

I take whatever time she gives me now!

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