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Made it to Senegal

Did you know it's only 7 hrs and 15 mins to fly from JFK to Senegal yet it feels like a lifetime? It was an overnight flight 9:30pm NY time arriving at 9:00am Senegal time. I can't sleep on planes so I've essentially been up all night. After a 45 min drive (including a cattle traffic jam) to our first hotel in Saly our rooms weren't ready. On the bright side I swam in the ocean and had a delicious lunch while feeling like a zombie with 10 others. I did finally get into my room for a much needed shower and nap and a great view. The food has been delish (always get the fish it is supper fresh).

From the small bit I've seen today, this country is beautiful and weird and different and amazing. Can't wait to explore more. Off to the first clinic tomorrow with Go Doc Go.

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